Airport Mania: First Flight Review PC and Android

I've written before about how terrible airplane travel has become. You can't get from one side of an airport to another without taking off your shoes, unpacking and maybe booting your laptop, and being yelled at by red-faced goons. (Sometimes the goons are members of airport security and sometimes they're ham-fisted passengers, but they always yell.) Despite vowing to never ever ever ever cross the sea by plane again, I had to get to a junior high school graduation in Tokyo so I broke down and went by plane. From Newark to Tokyo. All the horrors of airport security came rushing back to me like a bad inflight movie. Surely it won't be long before people give up on airplane travel completely. And don't call me Shirley.

(Speaking of inflight movies, there are some in this game, but more on that later.)

If you were born in the last ten years or so, you might imagine that humming, cooing male and female airplanes with giant eyebrows are something out of a science fiction novel. Actually, they're your "customers" in Airport Mania: First Flight, a game that places you right in the control tower directing planes. Russell Carroll and Reflexive Entertainment are doing their part to keep the good, happy, carefree and simple image of airplane travel alive with this newest time management game, one of the cutest to come along since Moppin Toppins Waits Tables. Believe me, airports used to be this fun... before terrorists became boogeymen and shoes became alarming.

You start out in the tiny regional airport, Happy Valley Municipal Airport. Complete enough goals and levels and you may make it as far as Great Lake City International Airport or the fiendishly difficult Desert Flats National Airport.

Your job is to get the planes in, unloaded, refueled and refitted if necessary, filled with new passengers, and out! The faster you accomplish these tasks, the more money you'll earn for your airport. As planes appear in the sky, you click on them and assign them runways to land, then gates to taxi to so that they may unload their passengers. After unloading, some planes may need to be repaired. Others may need to be refueled. Actually, until playing this game, I was under the impression that all planes refueled at the gate before taking off, but in Airport Mania I learned that only some need refueling. And they do it at a nearby fueling station. Once a plane is ready to head back to the skies, click on it and then click on an available runway and away it goes. Sayanora, suckers!

Gameplay in Airport Mania is simple at first, but naturally the difficulty rises as more and more planes arrive needing directions from your control tower. If planes end up waiting too long, they'll leave your airport in a huff. (Someone who's an expert on airplanes told me this rarely happens outside of computer games.) Luckily you've got layover spaces (they look like giant supermarket parking spaces) to park your waiting planes in. Planes are happiest when waiting in these spaces, but they still lose patience quickly! Sometimes I spent too much time trying to get a gate color bonus only to end up with some very unhappy planes. Unhappy planes = no money. It can get hectic when every possible place has a plane parked and a few more are circling overhead waiting to land. Luckily the planes themselves are excellent at avoiding collisions as they taxi around the airport. There were a few close calls where I screamed out, "OH MY GOD, NO!!!!" but to my relief no crashes took place.

There are many different types of planes, from puddlejumpers to jetliners, and every one of them has a color. If you can send back-to-back planes of the same color to the same gate, you'll get 2x, 3x, and 4x bonus multipliers. Likewise, you're awarded multipliers if two or more planes use the same runway within a few seconds of each other. As you make more money for your airport, you're able to buy upgrades like additional gates, gate upgrades, a short range radar device that lets you know what colored planes are about to enter your airspace, and the most useful upgrade of all: a special layover space that allows you to repaint planes while they wait (and there's nothing these adorable, cuddly planes like better than being repainted).

Earlier I mentioned inflight movies. You can buy inflight movies to keep circling planes happy even when there's no open runway. This flies in the face of everything I have come to know about air travel.

Airport Mania is an excellent time management game - one of the best and cutest I've ever played. And I've played many. The more advanced airports are challenging indeed. If you like games like Sally's Salon or Cake Mania 2, you'll be right at home in Airport Mania. Airplanes hum, whistle, and grrr to let you know their feelings. I especially like the "WTF" sound they make when you ask them to move (needlessly and uselessly) from one layover space to another. The pastelicious graphics are beautiful and vector curvtastic (hint: click everywhere on the wonderfully animated backgrounds). Isaac Shepard's light, lounge-inspired music doesn't get old no matter how long you play, which is rare for a game like this.

The only problem I experienced while playing was accidentally clicking on one airplane when I meant to click on another. Planes express their wishes via word or thought balloon, and sometimes those cover up nearby aircraft in a busy airport. Occasionally when I wanted to click on a plane, I clicked on another plane's word balloon, selecting the second plane instead of my intended target. That can really mess you up when the Airport Mania pace kicks into high gear!

Every time a helicopter flies over your airport, you can click on it and it will drop great big bags of cash. Click again on any falling moneybags and the $cash is all yours!

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Shadows of Reality Review - First Look

Cyberpunk RPG?

We've had a few non-fantasy (as in no dragons, wizards etc) RPG's over the last couple of years and some could easily be called "Cyberpunk RPG's" but none would deserve the title as much as Nevolution's upcoming game Shadows of Reality. Taking place in the year 2087, the developers have dedicated themselves to a cyber look and feel that can only slightly be compared to System Shock but maybe has a closer resemblance to Blade Runner. With this background, the mood is set for a very interesting and equally intriguing 3D RPG that promises to change the way we look at gaming.

We have heard similar statements before but Nevolution is very persistent in this so it's time to see if their boldness is justified. Of course we can't be sure until the game is released but based on what information is available now, we could definitely take a peek into the future.

Massively multiplayer?

Originally, Nevolution set out to create a massively multiplayer online game but they felt it would be easier to secure a publisher if they would focus on a single player game first and perhaps use their technology for an online game as a future project. For now, they concentrate on building a good single player experience.

The game is set in a new city called North Cal which recently arose from what was left of San Francisco. North Cal, like any other large city in the world, is controlled by several mega corporations. No longer do governments rule the world, commerce has taken over and all these incredibly large corporations think about is how to increase their power.

You've recently been recruited by the YAR Corporation as just another "Joe Bob" that's doing his job to help the company thrive. One way or another, things don't work out the way you, or they, had planned. You quickly become involved in a conspiracy that soon grows way above your head. As you learn more about what's happening, you become increasingly intrigued with everything and decide to go to the bottom of things. What you discover then isn't exactly pretty and maybe it's a little bit more than you had bargained for as well.

Shadows of Reality Gameplay

At the start of the game, players will define their own character in a rather unusual way although the effect remains the same. Instead of assigning points to particular skills or answering a set of questions to define your character, future technology has enabled you to add parts to your body or learn a completely new occupation within a matter of minutes. Special simulators will virtually inject knowledge into your brain while all kinds of technologies can be surgically implanted into your head or maybe even other parts of your body. Quite handy indeed as adding new skills becomes a matter of money and availability rather than time and ability.

Later in the game, new skills are added in the same way but you'll have to wait for the opportunity to do so rather than have the whole shebang being readily available at your fingertips. Once you're on your way, you'll find yourself in the city of North Cal, a detailed and fully 3D environment where you're free to roam around and go wherever you want, whenever you want. You can stop and gaze at the scenery but don't forget about your self imposed mission to see who is behind all the strange things happening around you.

During your investigation, you will encounter many people that will be able to help although some will have their own agenda's and may be leading you to believe they're helping you. As in real life, there are good guys and bad guys but sometimes, it's not that obvious. The storyline isn't quite linear. According to Nevolution the storyline will have many branching plots and a "dizzying array of subquests and world information". Occasionally the game will push you back on the right track as losing your objective out of sight is quite easily done in a game as big as this. ;-) That doesn't mean that there is only one ending though. The game can be finished in many different ways which of course does a lot for replayability.

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Final Fantasy VIII Review To the Point

The opening full-motion video sequence may not reveal very much about the plot of Final Fantasy VIII, or even what in the world is going on in the video itself, but it sure draws you in. The combination of intense music and fast-paced scenes shows that at least in the area of movies, SquareSoft knows what they're doing.

The introductory movie does become understandable as the game goes on, but at the beginning of the game all it really does is explain how Squall (the main character) and Seifer (his rival) end up with matching facial scars. Getting your face nearly sliced in two can't be a fun way to start the day.

Final Fantasy VIII

Twists even a pretzel can't beat.

For the first few hours of the game, the plot is fairly straightforward. Squall is attempting to pass his final exam to become a member of SeeD, an elite mercenary force. The final exam in this case involves helping to put down an invasion in progress... and I thought calculus exams were tough!

As has become pretty much a trademark of the series, FF8 has plot twists waiting on a regular basis. Some of them may be pretty obvious and easy to see coming, but once in a while they really do manage to catch you by surprise. There was one plot twist that I found entirely unnecessary and more than a little forced. Since it occurs fairly late in the game, I won't give away any spoilers, but I will say this: There's a reason that mass memory loss isn't a frequently used plot device. One character that doesn't remember his past is acceptable, but six is really a bit much.

For the most part, the plot is pretty solid, although in a couple of places things are not quite as well explained as I would have liked, possibly the result of an incomplete translation from the original Japanese.

Don't forget to study kids!

Final Fantasy 8 introduces a brand new magic and summoning system called 'junctioning'. The system revolves around creatures called Guardian Forces, powerful beings like Ifrit, Shiva, and Quezacotl who can grant abilities to whichever character they are 'junctioned' with. Just like your characters, your Guardian Forces gain levels and become more powerful, granting new abilities and doing more damage when summoned.

Hardcore RPG players will likely be thrown off a bit by Final Fantasy 8. If you're used to spending a lot of time increasing your levels in order to become more powerful than your opponents, you'll end up wasting a lot of time here. Your opponents gain levels at the same rate that you do, keeping up with you every step of the way, and actually getting powerful faster than you. Luckily, there's another way to gain power besides leveling up.

In order to increase a character's power, magic has to be junctioned to particular abilities. The exact abilities that can be junctioned depend on the Guardian Forces being used. For example, Ifrit concentrates mainly on strength, so being junctioned to him allows a character to connect magic to strength and hit points. The more powerful the magic being used, and the more of it a character has, the bigger the boost will be. Magic can also be junctioned to elemental attack or defense, letting the character increase his/her defenses or attack power with a particular element such as fire or ice. It can also be junctioned to status attack or defense, meaning that a character can, for example, defend himself against sleep magic or turn monsters to stone when he attacks.

If that wasn't enough to cause confusion, the method of getting magic is new and original as well. All magic must be 'drawn' from opponents in combat or at special locations called 'draw points'. Magic is essentially sucked out of the opponent and put into the character's private stash. There is a limited amount of space to hold magic, so here's a useful feature that the manuals fail to mention: Pressing the 'A' key when a particular magic has been selected in the menu will let you drop it, tremendously useful if your stock is nearly full.

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Graphics Glitch The Last Of Us Part II Win7 & Win 10

The last of us part II is here and video gamer's are already experiencing graphics glitches while playing the last of us video game. The graphics glitch happens when you are running or use any weapons. Also many video gamers reported to experience the graphics problem while playing the game on Nvidia or ATI video graphics card using Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

the last of us part 2 graphics problem

The Last of Us II Graphics Bug / Glitch:

1. Right click on the icon of the last of us part 2.
2. Click on Compatibility.
3. Set the rights to "Administrator".

This will fix the problem.

Alternation solution for The Last of Us Part II Glitch:

1. Go to Nvidia or ATI website.
2. Download latest updated drivers for your graphics card.
3. Restart your computer system.

Let us know, in comments if this fix your the last of us part 2 graphics problem.

Agents of Mayhem Graphics Problem Fix

If you are playing Agents of Mayhem and face major graphics issue you are not alone. Many agents of mayhem players have reported video game crash, graphics flickering, stuttering and fps drop issues, and also there is black and dark shadow problem.

Agents of mayhem is a open world video game, that allow you to cause chaos and mayhem as much as possible with its beautiful and vibrant characters and open world graphics.

agents of mayhem graphics
In order to solve agents of mayhem graphics issues follow the below:

1. Go to your video card vendor official website i.e. Radeon, Nvidia and more.
2. Search and download latest graphics card drivers.
3. Install latest video card drivers for your OS.

Let us know in comments if this solution work for you.

Far Cry 5 Graphics Problem Fix

Having graphics card issues while playing far cry 5. you are not alone, most of the gamers noticed black out screen and flickering issues while playing newest far cry 5 video game.

Some of the gamers also faced far cry 5 not launching at all when executing farcry5.exe

Some other far cry 5 graphics issues involve texture flickering, black objects, and dark shadow and graphics lag.

far cry 5 graphics problem

Far cry 5 graphics stuttering and fps drops is another common issue.

In order to solve all these problems follow the below steps.

1. Go to your graphics card vendor official website.
2. Search for the latest drivers for your graphics card.
3. Download and install latest graphics card drivers.

Let us know in comments if this solution work for you.

Call of Duty WWII Graphics Glitch Solved

If you are playing Call of Duty WWII released in November of 2017. You may experience graphic glitches. This COD WWII glitch will not allow you to play the game correctly.

Some of the COD WWII graphic card glitch issues are:

1. Graphic stutter problem, not able to view certain objects clearly, or them being totally invisible.
2. Call of Duty WWII restart during gameplay.
3. Call of Duty WW2 experience graphic card issues.
4. The game experience black screen issues while playing.

call of duty wii graphics issue

Call of Duty WWII graphic issues solved:

1. Go to the vendor website of your video card i.e. Nvidia, ATI, Radeon etc.
2. Download latest graphic card drivers.
3. Install them and restart your PC.

This will solve any graphic issues you are experiencing while playing call of duty wwii.

Let us know in comments if the solution worked for you!

Airport Mania: First Flight Review PC and Android

I've written before about how terrible airplane travel has become. You can't get from one side of an airport to another without taki...