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Final Fantasy VIII Review To the Point

The opening full-motion video sequence may not reveal very much about the plot of Final Fantasy VIII, or even what in the world is going on in the video itself, but it sure draws you in. The combination of intense music and fast-paced scenes shows that at least in the area of movies, SquareSoft knows what they're doing.

The introductory movie does become understandable as the game goes on, but at the beginning of the game all it really does is explain how Squall (the main character) and Seifer (his rival) end up with matching facial scars. Getting your face nearly sliced in two can't be a fun way to start the day.

Twists even a pretzel can't beat.
For the first few hours of the game, the plot is fairly straightforward. Squall is attempting to pass his final exam to become a member of SeeD, an elite mercenary force. The final exam in this case involves helping to put down an invasion in progress... and I thought calculus exams were tough!

As has become pretty much a tradema…
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Graphics Glitch The Last Of Us Part II Win7 & Win 10

The last of us part II is here and video gamer's are already experiencing graphics glitches while playing the last of us video game. The graphics glitch happens when you are running or use any weapons. Also many video gamers reported to experience the graphics problem while playing the game on Nvidia or ATI video graphics card using Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

The Last of Us II Graphics Bug / Glitch:

1. Right click on the icon of the last of us part 2.
2. Click on Compatibility.
3. Set the rights to "Administrator".

This will fix the problem.

Alternation solution for The Last of Us Part II Glitch:

1. Go to Nvidia or ATI website.
2. Download latest updated drivers for your graphics card.
3. Restart your computer system.

Let us know, in comments if this fix your the last of us part 2 graphics problem.

Agents of Mayhem Graphics Problem Fix

If you are playing Agents of Mayhem and face major graphics issue you are not alone. Many agents of mayhem players have reported video game crash, graphics flickering, stuttering and fps drop issues, and also there is black and dark shadow problem.

Agents of mayhem is a open world video game, that allow you to cause chaos and mayhem as much as possible with its beautiful and vibrant characters and open world graphics.

In order to solve agents of mayhem graphics issues follow the below:

1. Go to your video card vendor official website i.e. Radeon, Nvidia and more.
2. Search and download latest graphics card drivers.
3. Install latest video card drivers for your OS.

Let us know in comments if this solution work for you.

Far Cry 5 Graphics Problem Fix

Having graphics card issues while playing far cry 5. you are not alone, most of the gamers noticed black out screen and flickering issues while playing newest far cry 5 video game.

Some of the gamers also faced far cry 5 not launching at all when executing farcry5.exe

Some other far cry 5 graphics issues involve texture flickering, black objects, and dark shadow and graphics lag.

Far cry 5 graphics stuttering and fps drops is another common issue.

In order to solve all these problems follow the below steps.

1. Go to your graphics card vendor official website.
2. Search for the latest drivers for your graphics card.
3. Download and install latest graphics card drivers.

Let us know in comments if this solution work for you.

Call of Duty WWII Graphics Glitch Solved

If you are playing Call of Duty WWII released in November of 2017. You may experience graphic glitches. This COD WWII glitch will not allow you to play the game correctly.

Some of the COD WWII graphic card glitch issues are:

1. Graphic stutter problem, not able to view certain objects clearly, or them being totally invisible.
2. Call of Duty WWII restart during gameplay.
3. Call of Duty WW2 experience graphic card issues.
4. The game experience black screen issues while playing.

Call of Duty WWII graphic issues solved:

1. Go to the vendor website of your video card i.e. Nvidia, ATI, Radeon etc.
2. Download latest graphic card drivers.
3. Install them and restart your PC.

This will solve any graphic issues you are experiencing while playing call of duty wwii.

Let us know in comments if the solution worked for you!

Sony E3 2017 Conference Short Overview

Sony E3 conference revealed some exciting video games and news for the community.

A new trailer for GOD OF WAR 4 has been released. KRATOS will fight side by side with his son.

SPIDERMAN is impressive too, with big gameplay sequences. The newest spiderman will probably the best spiderman video game ever.

Sony's E3 2017 conference also focused lot on VR games, some of the newest virtual reality video games announced was "The Inpatient" and "Bravo Team".

THE INPATIENT is a horror vr game and BRAVO TEAM is a multiplayer FPS.

Call of Duty WWII will be released on November 3, 2017.

Days Gone made an impressive impact with a zombie bear, and a massive zombie attack on a camp.

There will be a lots of choices in Detroit Become Human, so you can create your own story.

There were also some good revelations in Sony's E3 2017.


Lets us know in comments which of these games are you waiting for the most?


PRISE DE TAHURE Battlefield 1 Night Map Announced

Dice has revealed another night map that will be coming to battlefield 1. The night map is called Prise De Tahure and is playable in the battlefield CTE. The map is expected to release alongside Neville nights in june, 2017, which may both form a night operation if they released together.

PRISE DE TAHURE is an infantry focused map, with trenches, alleyways and buildings scattered throughout. Making it a perfect map for assault players to dominate.

Let us know if you like the new night map prise de tahure in battlefield 1.

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