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Sir W33D Youtube, LtCorbis Youtuber, FaZe Rain Audi R8

Sir W33d GTA 5 Youtube Account Hacked
Sir W33d has a quarter million subscriber on youtube, he actually got hacked yesterday, the hacker posted on twitter saying "BTW Sir W33D uses bots to dislike people and false flag and get subs proof", on sir w33d youtube account he has 22 different accounts, why will someone want 22 different youtube accounts unless they are doing something fishy like posting negative comments and disliking videos. We know that GTA 5 Youtube community is so m3ss3d up and GTA 5 Youtubers will do anything to get at top of search engines to get more views.

TreTzyTV Got a False Claim on Youtube
TreTzYTV has a ton of subscriber on his youtube channel, he recently got a false claim on his videos and is currently dealing with situation.

Mr. Nightmare Major Copyright Issues Youtube
This Youtuber has 975, 474 subscribers currently and he is facing a lot of heat from youtube due to copyright issues on his channel. He made a whole video explaining everything. Thi…

Nadeshot MLG Lawsuit, COD 2016, FaZe Rain, M3RKMUS1C

M3RKMUS1C Guitar video of "Silent Night" taken down from Youtube
It appears that google is hardening its game on youtubers by taking down copyrighted material and also allowing companies to claim videos and monetization on it. Now some companies don't play by fair rule and they want to claim every single piece of youtube video out there using anything claimable, to make money from it. Earlier companies just want to make money from these videos but now it's look like they are not happy with the videos and why they are uploaded so they straight out claim it to be taken down and issue a strike to the channel owner who uploaded the youtube video. from our understanding this is so messed up.

Call of Duty "Bloodline" 2016 is happening
Activision is planning to bring skylanders at launch to the NX  along with the next call of duty game called "Bloodlines" in fall 2016. A legit source is spreading this news. This actually might happen and it will be awesome…