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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Short Review

Splinter Cell Black list What You Will Get While Playing
When playing Splinter Cell Blacklist version you will feel like there are two part of the stories and you need to select one to get along. Missions like collecting intelligence info from oversea's and performing stealth while killing your enemies are just brought back from the past Splinter Cell Conviction.

Blacklist Splinter Cell bring back some old stories where you are on foreign soil without permission, you need to steal some vital piece of intelligence from a designated place, and if you fail the world will be destroyed.

Splinter Cell Blacklist revive cinematic game play into action with detailed game play systems and beautiful locations.

After the initial attack in the game, Sam Fischer is drafted to run a small group of Fourth Echelon operators, you can fly around the world and do various missions in the video game in a upgrade-able plane called Paladin, there you can customize your gears or walk around.

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Blacklist Splinter Cell Tom Clancy's Masterpiece

Splinter Cell Black list Stealth Game By UBISoft
Blacklist Splinter cell is one of the most amazing stealth game introduced this year. The Game is a direct sequel to Splinter Cell Conviction. Splinter Cell Black list is a third person video games featuring Sam Fischer.

Blacklist Splinter Cell Characters In the Game
Splinter Cell Blacklist featuring Sam Fischer spy master and commander of fifth Echelon. Blacklist Splinter cell also bring up old characters from previous sequels Anna, Isaac and charlie.

Splinter Cell Black list Known Cheats and Glitches