Splinter Cell Black list Known Cheats and Glitches

Are there any Cheats, Hacks, Glitches for Blacklist Splinter Cell

Black list Splinter Cell is a stealth video game where every corner of the game introduce a new puzzle for you to solve. Slip Snake Camera’s, sonar’s, night visions are just some of the high tech tools you will be using in this amazing video game. Black list Splinter Cell brings somewhat the features of its old sequel but it still lacking most of the stuff.

[Splinter Cell Blacklist] also include some typical glitches and Cheats which you can enjoy or in worst case be annoyed by them.

blacklist Splinter Cell

Some of the Black list Splinter Cell Cheat’s and glitches and mentioned below:

  1. Sometimes when a dog attacks your character, the game can get stuck after that.
  2. Blacklist Splinter Cell also have crashing problems.
  3. On Xbox 360 Splinter Cell Black list act weird, the controller A,B,X,Y keys get stuck.
  4. When hacking terminal sometimes the character get stuck.
  5. Online Party System doesn’t work in Splinter Cell Black list as expected.
  6. The Character in Blacklist Splinter cell teleported to wrong places.
  7. These are only some of the cheats and glitches found so far in Splinter Cell , it seems like the developer will have to work hard to develop some kind of patch for all these problems so expect one soon.

Sometimes the level design of Splinter Cell Blacklist seems to be a greater issue because of the wrong teleporting problem.

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