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Electronic Arts Titantfall Review

EA Titantfall Video Game Review
The upcoming MultiPlayer first person shooter from Electronic Arts publisher is Titanfall. The Video Game is based on mechs which you can use as your pets and fight with the enemies to destroy them all. Soldiers in the video game can wall run through cityscapes and can use friendly mechs for short period of time.

Expect to fight from rooftops, on streets using giant robots with awesome firepower. Titanfall promises a never seen and felt gaming experience before.

AC 4 The Ascension of the Jackdaw Glitch

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag The Ascension of the Jackdaw Glitch
There is a glitch in Assassins Creed Black Flag. The glitch or bug happens on Great Inaqua Island. The glitch has other names too like Assassins Creed Fun With Portals and Assassins Creed Black Flag Boat Glitch.

The Glitch or Bug in the Assassins Creed Black Flag Creates a giant hole where Jackdaw is standing. The Crew of the Ship Keep Hovering up in the air and the Boat Start to rise in the air too. Seems like a funny glitch.

If you want to try the glitch yourself just visit the location in the video game and see for yourself, before it gets patched up by the developers.

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Problem

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Problem
There is a bug/glitch in Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag which don't allow you to start the game when you are using windows 7 or newest windows 8. Some Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Users will also notice black screen.

If this happen to you, just run the Assassins Creed Black Flag in Administrator mode and it will be solved. If not you might need to update your video card drivers. Just visit the vendor website and update to latest supported drivers.

Call of Duty 2 Review

Call of Duty 2 Review
Infinity Ward returns to the streets of Stalingrad, Normandy and North Africa in this epic World War 2 shooter.

I'll nail my colours to the mast right now; I'm a huge fan of the original Call of Duty game by Infinity Ward. While in gameplay terms it wasn't exactly innovative, it was the finest example of the scripted WW2 first-person shooter. The frenetic gameplay felt convincing, it felt as though you were in a gunfight rather than a shoot'em up and the historical settings were tastefully recalled in an emotive and sensitive manner.

So here we return to the similar themes with Call of Duty 2. Once again we get to play as the Soviets, British and Americans in various theatres of WW2. Each campaign is split into missions, with each mission further split into sections. As you complete each mission, more are unlocked, giving you a choice on the order of progression.

Tidal Flow
The game begins with the defence of Moscow and then moves swiftly on to th…

Project Gotham Racing 3 Review

Project Gotham Racing 3 review
Next generation racing courtesy of Bizarre Creations...

The launch of Xbox 360 has seen both extremes of games journalism. There has been the gushing fantasy of sites and magazines so in Microsoft's pay that you can't trust them to tell you the time, let alone that EA is the world's laziest and cynical publisher of Xbox 360 games.

At the other end of the spectrum are the jaded cynicals, they want to prove what serious and intelligent journalists they are. The shortcut to this, rather than getting into games in any depth is to give a very low score, much below what everyone else gives a game. It doesn't really matter if we haven't played the game much, or understood it very well, we'll give it a low score and we look great.

Well let me lay my cards on the table right away. I've been pretty damn excited about the launch of Xbox 360 and most in particularly Project Gotham Racing 3. I got into gaming to have fun, and the by-produc…