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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Nvidia Glitch

Ghost Recon wildlands take down the cartel is the newest addition to tom clancy's series of video games. If you are playing the game on your pc with a nvidia graphic card you may experience some stutter, flickering or blackout problems. If that's the case just chill because we have the solution.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Nvidia Graphics Card Issue.

1. Go to Official Nvidia Website:
2. Select your video card from the option.
3. Download the latest video card drivers for your selected operating system.
4. Install and reboot your pc.

This will solve all the problems and glitches you are experiencing while playing tom clancy's wildlands on nvidia video card.

Enjoy the game and be sure to take down the cartel.

Battlefield 1 Unlimited XP Glitch 50K Plus

Dice created a classic masterpiece by the name of Battlefield 1. But as usual there are many glitches and bugs can be found throughout the game, specially while multiplayer online experience. You can gain unlimited XP in the game very fast. Also can acquire higher gun classes.

For Unlimited XP Battlefield 1 Glitch you require.

1. Boat (Level with Boat).
2. Go to the exact location in the image.

3. You can get 25K to 50K+ XP in one conquest game.

#battlefield 1 xp glitch
 #battlefield 1 unlimited xp glitch

Pokemon Go Freeze Blue Screen iPhone Glitch Fix

Since generation two update of pokemon go, we have noticed quite number of glitches and bugs mainly affecting iOS devices running on Apple iPhone.

One particular glitch happens right after pokemon go loading, the game freeze with a blue screen.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Freeze Glitch
1. Just wait until the loading bar that displays on the screen is full.
2. Double tap home button to bring up app switcher.
3. Tap on Pokemon Go.

You may encounter a issue that after this the game take some extra time to populate pokemon gyms, pokestops and more items.

Tell us in comments if you experience any other glitch while playing pokemon go in 2017.

Pokemon Go Hold Gym Indefinitely Glitch

Pokemon Go videogame seen a fair share of glitches and bugs over the time. But the latest glitch can help player hold on to gym for infinity or atleast when the next major update by the developer is rolled out.

In order for this glitch to work all you need to do is take over a gym and place a egg inside it, this make the gym protected from other player to be taken over.

The main purpose of the egg in the game is to get hatched when the player walk certain distance.

Niantic is aware of this glitch in pokemon go and trying its best to roll out the next update to fix it.