Battlefield 1942 A Classic FPS Game Must to Play

There are lot's of PC Games that are based on WW I & II Scenarios but most of you will agree that only few of them meet the expectation and thrill of it.A also Played few games like COD which is based on World War background but liked only some of them and from that list i selected one which is also currently installed in my PC and i posted the Game-play Pic's in earlier post.

Yup Battlefield 1942 released in 2002 by Swedish Company Digital Illusion's and EA Games.

The Game is must to played if you are a World War fan.The Game include some great game play consist of prominent battle's between nation's during that era.

Few of them are as fellow's:

1. Battle of Midway
2. Battle of Bulge
3. Berlin
4. Bocage
5. El-Alamein
6. Gazala
7. GuadalCanal
8. IWO Jama
9. Kharkov
10. Kursk
11. Omaha Beach
12. Operation BattleAxe
13. Operation Market Garden
14. Stalingrad
15. Tobruk
16. Wake Island

Although Battlefield game play is simple capture more enemy position for longest time and if one time succeed in it they Win.The Game Consist of two teams 'Allied' & 'Axis'.

If you didn't heard or played the game i suggest you play it. I also heard EA is offering it free now through there Origin network.

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