Build Your Dream Tropical City in Tropico 3 Gold Edition

Installed Tropico 3 Gold Edition earlier this month and got addicted to it within 2 days.The good reason of the game is you have to manage the whole island once you built it by yourself and it ain't easy enough to do that you have to make good relations with super powers too or have to pick one side.

The game provide a good knowledge of how to build a whole Island from Scratch and manage it along the way. Listen to your people, manage there demands, watch the economy and import/export, go to visit site that are under construction, manage labor demands, manage mineral resources on the islands and dig it to generate revenue, issue verdicts to cut taxes, give free food and housing to people, summon martial law, manage secret police, announce elections and much more.

There are also famous personalities which you can select as Nation leader like Che Guevara & more.

The game graphics is quite good and give some real pleasure while playing it if you are a tropical fan like me who love beach's and good sea view.

Will be posting Gameplay pics soon.......

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