FarCry 2 A Cool FPS Game to Play

Never played FarCry but played FryCry 2 twice. This is a FPS Game Which feature's gameplay in africa you need to hunt 'The Jackal' the men who is involved in weapon's dealing and smuggling and kill him because he is involved in war crimes in the area.you have been sent to this mission but in order to do this you need to capture all the mini bases and camps of enemy within the area and help your friends.

A Journalist lost some tapes and you also need to recover it to get more information about Jackal and where he is.When first time i played the game i was little bored with moving around same places more than one time.So i quit for little while than finally set my mind to complete the game but never did.So i installed it now second time hope will complete it now.

There are various type of weapons in game from AK47 to flamethrower's so you wouldn't be disappointed by it.You Can also burn whole village with it that's the fun part.Also the game offer vehicles and boats to drive.

Will Post Gameplay screen shots later...

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