FarCry3 Jason have to rescue his friend from Vaas Jungle

This is the second time i installed FarCry3 in my PC and played through UPlay Account. The Game is amazing mostly because i like tropical locations and Jungle and the good thing is that it is FPS so i cannot wish for more.

The Story of the game is also good Jason his brother's, girlfriend and friends are on the vacations on tropical location when they are all captured by Vaas men. Vaas hold's the island for drug, human trafficking and ransom's.Now they have to get out of this jungle along with his friends and family.

FarCry3 Game

The Main Character is Jason, Vaas and his Boss.

Jason as Us need to find his brother, girlfriend and friends and get out of the jungle with the help of Rakayat the true island inhabitant's.

The Missions get intresting once you start playing the game. Capturing telecom tower's, finding loot, hidden locations, WWII lost letter's, hunting for animals skins for crafting, fighting with tiger's and underwater sharks. Using different vehicles, parachuting, diving, RPG's and much more i truely love this awesome game.

Give it a try if u didn't played it yet.

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