Syndicate PC Game - EA & StarBreeze Did a Great Job

I remembered playing the SYNDICATE on my Pentium 1 . It was long time ago in my school days couldn't complete the game at that time just finish few levels and than i think i quit. i used to addicted to 'Captain Claw' at that time because it came with the PC and i was just amazed with the game graphics and action,it took my lot of time to complete that game.Well recently played the new syndicate which is now in FPS:First Person Shooter and i liked it much finish the game in two day's with some breaks.

The game is pretty amazing apart from the fact what EA did to it , released it along with 'MASS EFFECT 3' so the game get some low response from gamer's community mostly complaining about the game change to FPS and ruining the Syndicate Franchise but i think the other way i dont think it ruined the game just it was ruined because of Mass Effect 3.Throwing two FPS in the market at the same time while the other title have too many fan's.puuuhh

I will post game pic's after playing it one more time.....

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