Tropic Thunder Lets Make the Greatest War Movie Ever

Tropic Thunder a movie about Vietnam War not serious but hilarious with Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black & ben Stiller. The Movie is kinda what i say a movie with a movie in a movie a film crew is sent to veitnam to make the greatest war movie ever with the top rated star's of the hollywood but due to there un-seriousness the movie is believed to go over budget and over-time which make the film financier Tom Cruise upset and mad.

Tropic Thunder Movie
Tropic Thunder Movie
So the director were told by the writer of the movie that he have to send all the actor's in real life situation and capture the movie of them secretly to make it more perfect.Director agreed to do it and along with himself went deep into the jungle the territory owned by drug smuggler's 'Flaming Dragons'.

The Director is killed by an old land mine and the rest of the movie is based on the star's who goes deep into the jungle thinking they are just acting according to the movie but in reality they are hunted by real drug smuggler's until they knew it one of the star is captured by drug smuggler's and some crew member's so they try to free them from there camp.

I liked the movie and story and hope you guy's will like it too...

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