A Connection to the Past

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - A Connection to the Past

This is a side quest made available shortly before and after the "Meet Citra" main quest. It seems a native is wanting to recover three tablets that belonged to his ancestors and try to return them to the temples that they once belonged.

A Connection to the Past Walkthrough
A Connection to the Past Walkthrough

After speaking with him and getting the quest, you'll find the first tablet nearby in a stone tower. Grab it and then you have two choices. The nearest tablet is in a ruin nearby. Go inside and down the stairs. You'll find a Relic in here as well.

Take a left down the hall, and then swim underwater. There will be a relic on the center pedestal, but the tablet will be directly in front of that. Grab that relic and then exit. Make your way down the road to the third tablet.

The third tablet is in a ruined tower, connected to another ruined tower. Go to the part that it is connected to, and you'll find a ledge to climb up. However, a stone door is blocking the way. Use explosives to destroy the door, then climb up there.

Walk across the stone bridge. There is a ladder blocking the way to the tablet. Cautiously walk around the side of the tower to get inside and grab the tablet. Drop down, run back down the road, and deliver them.

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