All In Mission

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - All In Mission

Meet with Sam outside of Hoyt's HQ. Then follow him to Hoyt's office. Go through the conversation with Hoyt, and then Jason will be tasked with interrogating a prisoner in the basement.
All In Mission
All In Mission

Go to the basement area. A guard will be watching your home videos on a TV set. Speak with Sam, and he will take you to the prisoner...who turns out to be Riley!

Shocked, Jason beats the hell out of Riley anyway. Sam puts the camera on a loop so that Jason has a chance to explain to Riley about the situation. After that's over, smack Riley around using the triggers, and then hold A to stick your finger in his bullet wound.

Sam will call it off, so follow him out of the cell. Hoyt will be outside and challenges both you and Sam to a game of poker.

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