Metro Last Light Review

Metro Last Light Review

The Beginning

The Game: Metro Last Light Aka Metro 2034 begins with a mother telling a story to her child about how life is not just living underground in tunnels and just surviving from radiation infected mutants and monsters who just want you to be dead and get eaten.There are two worlds both above and below but the fact is neither of them are safe both are dangerous and hazardous.Human have survived the Nuclear Holocaust, but the life after it is not worth living.

Metro Last Light Game Review

Game Features

Metro Last Light is a great game with amazing game-play which portrayal a post-apocalyptic World.Due to radiation human become monsters, most of human have there secret agenda's they are living and surviving in these underground metro towns and sob about life eating mushroom soups.

Metro Last Light Game Features

Where You Come In

You are as Artyom a member of the Rangers (who protects Metro) will be sent on numerous different missions including visiting and exploring rarely-traveled tunnels full of monsters, bandits and other creatures.All the places have there own secrets and puzzles and in order to succeed you will have to struggle and prove yourself in this post-nuclear world of Metro Last Light.

Metro Last Light Game Review

The Gameplay Experience

The game play experience of Metro Last Light is immerse with mechanic to create an incredible sense of achievement.You will get chills of horror in underground tunnels where your flashlight just die's and you have to manually recharge it while all kind of monsters just looking the right moment to hunt you down.You will be fighting for your life when your gas mask needs a replacement and you can't find out the new one and when it get cracked.Horror will surround you when monsters and creature surround you and you have not enough bullets left just to kill everyone of them.

Metro Last Light Gameplay

In-Game Weapons

In Metro Last Light you will find different weapons that you can pile-up for your personal arsenal to kill the enemies.The weapons also describe the scenario where humans just created them from scrap for there survive and fight. i.e the shotgun with a rotating cylinder or a pneumatic gun that must be pumped soak-er style to blaze metal spikes.

Metro Last Light Game Weapons

What to Expect While Playing

You will need a urge to try out every weapon you find in Metro Last Light specially if you prefer a gun-blazing type of fps shooter but in many situations you can just sneak out from deadly scenarios by stealth such as by taking advantage of a vent shafts or maintenance corridors even shooting out lights to blind your enemies out.The AI reacts in a logical manner and reacts according to your actions and scenarios.

Taking enemies out using stealth will often lead you in situations when all the other AI will be searching for you.Firefight will raise a alarm to near-by enemies and you will find yourself surrounded by them and killing them to make your way out.Every situation you create will have it's consequences so you need to use little brains or go gun-blazing attitude.

The game is filled with situations where you can just spend some time in a Metro Station before leaving for your next objective.Make Use of Eavesdropping and hear great stories and secrets from locals. You can even sit down and Watch 30 minute theater performance.

What make Metro Last Light different from a average shooters is it's in-depth game-play and level of details.The Post-Apocalyptic world will make you wondering will it be really like this when it happens and the enemies will bring the horror.

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