Borderlands 2 Golden Chest in Sanctuary Glitch

Borderlands 2 Golden Chest in Sanctuary Glitch

This is a glitch in Borderlands 2 how to glitch the golden chest in Sanctuary in Borderlands 2 to continually get loot out of it.

Borderlands 2 Golden Chest in Sanctuary Glitch


For this to work you need to have at least 1 golden key and a friend with at least 1 golden key.
This can work at any level and on any character.

1. Host a game
2. Invite your friend
3. Open the chest using your gold key and take your items out.
4. Your friend opens chest and takes items out.
5. Your friend should be able to continually open the chest at this point.

This glitch will use both you and your friends golden keys, but it will open the chest for indefinite number of times.

Do remember to collect as many items as you can.This glitch use to bug out.You should first took all the items in the chest throw them on the floor and keep opening the chest as fast as you can both you and your friends.So if the glitch bug out which it used to after some time you have enough items on the floor to choose from.

Here is a Walkthrough of Borderlands 2 Golden Chest in Sanctuary Glitch.

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