Borderlands 2 Orange Guns Weapons Glitch

Borderlands 2 Orange Guns Weapons Glitch

There is a glitch in borderlands 2 that allow you to collect all the Orange Rare Weapons in the Video Game. remember rare weapons start from white color to orange and purple one's the most rarest and legendary weapons in the borderlands 2 game.

Borderlands 2 Rare Guns Weapons Glitch

There are many different location and bosses in the game from where you can get the rare orange weapons in borderlands 2.

Just a example is Moxxi's bar slot machine. If you manage to bring three borderlands logo's in a row you will be rewarded a rare weapon.

Also if you kill some main boss's in the game you can get a rare weapon every time you defeat them.Especially the final borderlands 2 boss.

Here are some of them in the borderlands video which i collected in the borderlands 2.

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