Crysis 3 Campaign Super Soldier Difficulty Glitch

Crysis 3 Campaign Super Soldier Difficulty Glitch

This is a Crysis 3 glitch.You can complete the campaign in Super Soldier Difficulty level by using this glitch.
If you completed Crysis 3 once, and like to try again use this method.

Crysis 3 Glitch

1. Start a new Supersolider playthrough and play the tutorial.
2. After defeating the large boss at the end of the final level, before the ship section, you'll want to create a save file onto a USB Stick or Cloud.
3. Make sure to save the Save File and Crysis 3 Content Cache File.
4. Keep reloading this save, and finishing the game until the achievement unlocks.
5. If you've tried this a few times, and have been unsuccessful, try deleting the installed game from your system hard drive.

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