Dead Island Riptide Keep Crashing Glitch

Dead Island Riptide Keep Crashing Glitch

While Playing Dead Island Riptide Some Gamer's complain that the video game keep crashing to the desktop when it is launched and in some other occasions.In order to fix the Dead Island Crashing problem follow the instructions.

Dead Island Riptide Keep Crashing Glitch

1. Check you are playing as single player.
2. If not than Go to Options and set it to Single Player Mode.
3. Right Click on the Dead Island Riptide (.exe) and set "Run as administrator" under Compatibility option.
4. Check that you have all the game files installed and your system meet the minimum required specifications.
5. Sometime's updating your video card drivers and Directx also helps, so make sure if nothing works for you, than do that.

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Anonymous said...

i encountered a dll error after installing dead island riptide, solved after i updated the directx version.

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