Metro Last Light Secret Books Glitch

Metro Last Light Easter Eggs

There are three books in the Game related to previous game Metro 2033, the current title Metro Last Light Aka Metro 2034, and most probably the upcoming title Metro 2035.

Metro Last Light Easter Eggs

Metro 2033 Book:

You can find Dmitry Glukhovsky’s “Metro 2033″ Book that the game series is based on in Metro: Last Light.

It can be located in the level where you escape prison, make a friend, and must stealth-kill enemy soldiers. It’s at the Officers area on a table, next to a big square machine (could be a radio).

There is also second Metro 2033 Book in Artyom’s room.

Metro Last Light Or Metro 2034 Book:

The Metro Last Light book is at the cafeteria next to two men playing checkers.

Metro 2035 Book:

The Metro 2035 real-life book coming out in December 2013. The poster reads: “Prepare yourself for the book that will blow up the entire world –” it can be found in the rail-cart rails section where you first encounter the bandits.

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