Battlefield 3 Bouncing LAV Glitch

Battlefield 3 Bouncing LAV Glitch

There is a glitch in Battlefield 3, the glitch is BF 3 Bouncing LAV Glitch. It allows a LAV to fly in the air and keep on bouncing when it hit ground or water.

This Battlefield 3 glitch is more funny rather than interesting, because it mean that the developer's totally neglects the possibility of bouncing LAV.

Battlefield 3 Bouncing LAV Glitch

You need to hit the LAV with any weapons like a launcher or grenade, that will lift the LAV in the sky in Battlefield 3.

The LAV will keep on bouncing and flying in the air till the glitch is totally closed in which case your LAV in BF3 will be destroyed.

We friends enjoyed the glitch very much and still do it just for fun.

Here is a short walkthrough of Battlefield 3 Bouncing LAV Glitch.

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Battlefield 3 LAV Bouncing Glitch

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Anonymous said...

lol, i can't stop laughing this bf3 glitch is hilarious.

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