Battlefield 3 Hilarious Random Glitches

Battlefield 3 Hilarious Random Glitches

There are lot's of glitches in Battlefield 3 video games, some are annoying and some are rather funny and hilarious.The developers try's to minimize these kinds of glitches in video games as much as they can while developing the video game. But sometime gamer's and video games enthusiast try to find these either for exploitation or enjoyment.

Battlefield 3 Hilarious Random Glitches

Beware there are difference between glitches and cheats / hacks.

In the below video there are some of the most hilarious and technically exploited Battlefield 3 Glitches.

Battlefield 3 Beta when announced and played there were lot's of glitches found at that time, which was later patched up in the full version of Battlefield 3 video games and it's DLC's that include battlefield 3 Armored Kill, Original Battlefield 3, Battlefield 3 End Game & Battlefield 3 Aftermath.

Here is a walkthrough video of Battlefield 3 Random Glitches which i encounter with my friends while playing multiplayer online version of battlefield 3 game.

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Anonymous said...

the game have lot's of glitches when it came out in beta, i remembered some of them, the video reminds me.Bf3 is a very nice game though.

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