Payday 2 Out Of Map Glitch

Payday 2 Out Of Map Glitch

There is a glitch in Payday 2, the glitch is Payday 2 Out Of Map or Out Of Mission.

You can simply get out of the Payday 2 video game in the jewelry heist mission, i accomplished this glitch by jumping and crouching in the back wall where the jewelry heist mission starts. I simply get transported outside the wall and eventually outside of the map which was fun.

Payday 2 Out Of Map Glitch

I don't know if there are any more heist missions in Payday 2 where you can get yourself transported out of Mission area but i will look for it. But you can definitely accomplish this in Jewelry Heist Mission as long as developers patch the Out of Map glitch / bug in Payday 2.

Here is a walkthrough Payday 2 Out Of Map Glitch

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Anonymous said...

nice sharing, i also experienced the glitch while playing, my whole team was out of the map due to this in payday 2 mission.

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