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Call Of Duty Ghosts Review

Call of Duty Ghosts Review – Moving Forward

Call of Duty Ghosts is one of this holiday season’s most hyped video games. With every addition to the Call of Duty franchise, gamers are sure to expect fluid gameplay and stunning visuals. How does this installment hold up to expectations?

Call Of Duty Ghosts
Call Of Duty Ghosts

Set in the Future

CoD Ghosts is set in the near future where America has been attacked and is struggling to protect its borders. This provides the perfect environment for players to become fully immersed and have realistic shootouts. Players will be traversing through an environment they may not be familiar with. Combat from skyscrapers, dive in surrounding waters, experience zero-gravity and helicopter combat.


Call Of Duty Ghosts Gameplay
Call Of Duty Ghosts Gameplay
 The same fluid gameplay that diehard fans love is present in the game. Not only will players become immersed in the most realistic environment yet, but they will experience true fright when gaming. Buildings collapsing around players as they battle it out in multiplayer mode brings the game more to life than in previous installments.Escaping from collapsing buildings, entering space stations and fighting underwater is exhilarating. A pet dog will accompany players and add to the overall excitement of taking on new missions.


COD Ghosts Customization
COD Ghosts Customization

Standing out in the multiplayer world has always been difficult. Ghosts allows players to customize their entire character as well as their roster of soldiers. This adds a whole new depth to the game that players will surely appreciate. Unique faces, gender and clothing are among the most standout features of customization.

Squads allows all customized players to be part of the roster and play alongside each other. Each player brings their own unique set of skills and can be leveled on their own. Those serious about customization will spend much of their time leveling each soldier to ensure that their skills are up to par with the best in the multiplayer scene.

Call of Duty Ghosts is a refreshing addition to the series and is filled with fun campaigns, realistic encounters and a plethora of advancements seen through customization and multiplayer modes. Co-op is now possible in campaigns as well so that gaming can be done with friends. With sales of over $1 billion dollars in a day, the gaming world has seen a new record set and one of this years’ top video games released.


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