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Watch_Dogs Xbox One PS4 PC Wii U Review

Watch_Dogs Xbox One PS4 PC Wii U Review

Watch Dogs is arguably one of the most controversial video game titles we’ve ever seen in our lifetime, it has the open world capabilities of a Grand Theft Auto, but it mixes that freedom with the prowess of a super hacker. In the game you take the control of a hacker named Aiden Pearce, and although his story is a very mysterious and intriguing one we’re going to focus on gameplay for this article.

We never like spoiling things for people, especially if you’re currently in the process of playing the game, so you can go ahead and thank us in advance for that! Watch Dogs (which is actually stylized and marketed as “WATCH_DOGS”) is one of those games that leaves you wanting more, but the next time you pick up the controller it’s like you’re getting exactly what you requested. I would say something like “well, that could’ve been a bit more dramatic”, only to come back again and play something that blew my mind and plucked my heart strings. It’s hard when people hold such a high standard in gaming, it’s hard to be successful and it’s hard to provide a quality game that just about everybody will enjoy, but Ubisoft did a great job with this title.

watch dogs pc review

Hacking things in this title is one of the best mini-games (if you could even call it a mini-game, it’s a large component of the actual game itself and plays like an entirely different segment respectively) you’ll ever come by, it always has you thinking about what you need to do and it’s great for those who love a brain-based game. That isn’t to say that those who are all about action won’t love this game as well, it’s just saying that intellectuals are still going to be able to enjoy it without playing the snobby card.

Watch Dogs Xbox One Review

Watch Dogs is one of those games that you simply need to play at least once, even if you don’t like it very much you’ll still take away something positive from the experience. The graphics look fantastic on next-generation systems and that’s all we could ever want when it comes to video games, the next step is to crank it up a notch and work holograms into absolutely everything (that’s probably not going to occur anytime soon, but I can dream, right?).

Check out Watch Dogs Video Game today and see how much fun you can get into.

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