Assassin's Creed Four Black Flag Review

Swashbuckling Action: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Review

If you want to set sail through pirate-infested waters and engage in fortune hunting and open-world naval battles, then this adventure is for you. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is action-packed game that lets you explore open-environments at will in your quest for adventure and treasure.Assassin's Creed is a contemporary sci-fi tale in which DNA is plundered to get information from the stories of our ancestors. AC IV: Black Flag is an extraordinary pirate adventure that slides you so comfortably into the boots of a brash adventurer and entices you to collect booty with much zeal, style and aggression.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

More Manageable Maps

You will be utilizing treasure maps to find your way around the seas and lands. You will find yourself at tiny islands or large cities. The maps of Assassin’s Creed IV are very alluring and slightly overwhelming. Large but manageable, you can tread across land and sea. There is a wide variety of naval action you can join and naval fortresses to topple. To un-fog the map, you need to destroy the fortresses with cannons and mortars then kill the captain and claim the fort as your own. Side-missions such as upgrading your ship and home, robbing plantations, claiming Templar forts, exploring wrecks and treasure hunting are a welcome test of strategy and skill.The action in ACIV kicks off right away, fixing a problem from the previous release.

Assassin's Creed Four Black Flag Review

More Exciting Characters

Enter Edward Kenway, a very fine rogue who keeps treacherous company, and runs through his enemies. He’s Haytham Kenway’s father and is the grandfather of Connor. Haytham and Connor are both stars of ACIII. Edward’s self-serving pirate personality is more appealing and more likeable than the rest of his family. His na├»ve greed gets him involved with the conflicts between the Assassins and Templars. You will feel like him, recruited against your will to do Assassins’ work, as you find yourself playing a game developer in a Templar-owned company in research of a pirate game.Now if you didn’t like the characters of Assassin’s Creed III except for Connor, then AC IV will win you back with its cast of treacherous, crazy and brackish sods. Much like your favorite movies where the plot takes second place to your favorite actors, you will love that the characters stand out. Black Flag seems to be above all AC games because of the personalities’ strong sense of humor and the way you can tweak it up.

More Action and Adventure

The main missions still consist of tailing targets, following ships in the Jackdaw, stealth and more eavesdropping, and if you are a bit fundamental you will find it a waste of time. However, you will certainly love the open water as it adds a brilliant dimension to the familiar aspects of AC. Naval battles are simplified and sped up. You reload and drop fire barrels quickly. You will feel no idle time as you shoot with your swivel cannon, dodge ramming attacks, sink ships and steal plunder while your crew sings sea shanties. You will engage in sword fights on ground and employ stealth kills with blow guns and concealed blades to incapacitate your enemy.
Of course, the economy is built upon plunder. Your booty will come in the form of money, sugar, rum, wood, metal and cloth. The buccaneer in you will rob boats, plantations and even steal from pickpockets to get a decent amount of loot that you can use to exchange for cash or to upgrade your ship.

More Nagging and Patronizing Prompts

It’s a game about freedom, but you might get ticked off at the prompts that keep appearing even when you are hours into the game. Cryptic maps don’t seem so mysterious when they are stamped with the exact coordinates, right? Tips on how to break enemy defense lines, optional chests that lead to treasure and bonus ship plans don’t exactly trigger the strategist in you. It’s like having a nagging mother with you on an adventure game, telling you what to do and where to go.

Overall, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a fantastic sequel that is playful and daft fun. After playing this freedom game, you might find your head stuck with piratical shanties forever.

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