Far Cry 4 Review, Glitches, Bugs, Easter Eggs and Funny Moments

Far Cry 4 – An exceptional gift from Ubisoft to Video Game lovers

Ubisoft is the best game developers which you can find right now in market as they always try to offer beautiful and attractive game that you could discover at your very own pace. Just now Far Cry 4 has also been released by them, confirming once again that company is actually a master at creating exceptional, stellar environments which players could explore in any way they find fit. This Far Cry 4 Review will give you a little review about this famous game.

far cry 4 video game review


The Far Cry 4 story pits us in middle of a local war against forces of the rebels and the Pagan Min. User play as Ajay Gale, a local from a place known as Kyrat that comes back to native lands to fight for his mother. Here he’ll see that he wants to ally with either one side or another. The missions in Far Cry 4 are diverse enough to make it extensively interesting, even if story brings few cliche moments from time to time.

Game play

Just like previous game in series, Far Cry 4 is actually all about exploring a huge game world. And while in the previous version of this game, you had a luxurious island, but now in Far Cry 4 you could explore a virtual world which is very similar to Himalayan region. Named Kyrat, place is filled with numerous quests, side missions and lots of animals which just make whole experience feel real. You will like the fact that animals in Far Cry 4 actually play a huge role in the game play, as you could utilize them in battle. In fact, if you need you can draw animals towards enemies & kill them or you could even ride elephants to destroy objects.

How to Reach the Highest Place in Kyrat Glitch

There is a highest place in Far Cry 4 which you can reach by using gyrocopter and few directions in the video. The location is according to my knowledge the highest one on the far cry 4 map which you can actually get into and see the panorama from above. Go to the Southern Kings bridge using a gyrocopter and fly as high as you can before crashing into the mountain from their follow a narrow set of paths to reach that location and enjoy the view.

Far Cry 4 Wingsuit Highest Location secret place by minggaming

Far Cry 4 Hundred Ways to Kill Pagan Min

Just for fun you can kill Pagan Min in any way you want. you just need to develop your imagination and create a custom map. use elephants, tortoise, weapons, trucks, rocket launcher anything you want and kill Pagan Min. I think our video will give you a motivation to try it out.

Far Cry 4 Hundred Ways to Kill Pagan Min by minggaming

Three Wheel Car Tuk Tuk Funny Moment

Three wheel car is what they call in asia "Rickshaw" a small vehicle used for transportation mainly carrying two passengers. In Far Cry 4 you can take a fun ride in one of these Tuk Tuk and do whatever you want destroy them, lit them on fire or use them to kill your enemies by running over them, Three Wheel Tuk Tuk is endless fun.

Three Wheel Car Tuk Tuk Funny Moment (Far Cry 4) by minggaming

Far Cry 4 All Animals List Unlocked

There are many kind of animals in Far Cry 4 game ranging from elephants to tigers. All the animals are useful for crafting numerous stuffs from their hide. Some of the rare animals can only be found in certain quests when you carry them out. I have managed to unlock all those rare animals in far cry 4.

Far Cry 4 All Animals List Unlocked (PC HD) by minggaming

Secret Ending in Far Cry 4 and Pagan Min Helicopter Location

Far Cry 4 comes with three different alternate endings, one which will end the game just in ten minutes of your first play, second when you shoot down Pagan Min Helicopter, and third is when you decide to not kill pagan min at the end of the game, also if you shoot the Pagan Min helicopter which will result in his death, you can find his body and helicopter crash site by watching the video below.....enjoy.

Far Cry 4 Super Secret Ending (Helicopter Crash... by minggaming

Far Cry 4 Psycho Chicken Easter Egg

Crazy as it sound but there is a Psycho chicken in far cry 4. you can find the exact location at the top of the bridge as shown in the below video, you will need to use the gyrocopter and land on the bridge perfectly, but be careful because the chicken is deadly and you can find the prrof of it by noticing a dead body.

Farcry 4 Psycho Chicken Easter Egg by minggaming

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