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Earn Every Tattoo in Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - Earn Every Tattoo

There are three different skill trees in the game. You can cycle through them using LB and RB as you choose your skills. You have to progress in the story missions to unlock new skills to purchase, for the most part.

Every time that you level up, you earn a new skill point. To earn XP, complete missions, side missions, activities, quests, kill enemies stealthily, kill enemies with headshots, and whatever else. You'll be notified whenever you level up.
Far Cry 3 Tattoo
Far Cry 3 Tattoo

There are two icons on the skill trees that have to be unlocked with unconventional manners. They are as follows:

1. Gunslinger Takedown

-To unlock this skill, you need to get 10 kills with a pistol in the game. This is very easy to accomplish.

2. Ninja Step

-This skill is a bit harder to unlock. You have to liberate two outposts without being detected. The reason this one is harder is that it is actually missable. There are 34 outposts in the game, but if you liberate all of them and do it all guns blazing, then you will miss out on this skill.

To liberate outposts stealthily, you have to kill every enemy there without being shot at and without anyone turning on the alarm. They can find dead bodies, but if the alarm is off, it won't matter. The alarms are marked on your mini-map by "audio" icons like you'd see on a computer. They are red boxes usually attached to telephone poles. Hold X to disable them. Disabling one alarm box will disable all the alarms at the outpost.

To kill enemies stealthily, use weapons that have silencers attached, and use takedown skills. Takedowns are the stealth kills in Far Cry 3. To activate these, sneak up on an enemy and then click on RS when the prompt appears on the screen.

It seems like this would be easier to unlock early in the game, but it is actually easier later in the game. Yes, the outposts have more enemies and they are better armed, but Jason will be upgraded much more with better Takedown abilities at that point, which allows for killing enemies from below and jumping on them from above for takedowns as well.

Whenever you go to liberate an outpost, you should just try to do it stealthily anyway. You only have to do stealthily infiltrate two, but this can be a bit harder than it seems. Don't liberate all the outposts without liberating at least two undetected, or you'll miss out on this achievement.


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