Prison Break In

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - Prison Break In

You'll come to another encampment just outside a cave. Wipe out the enemies at the encampment. A good vantage point is on the west side of the place, but a coiled snake guards the stairs. Once everyone is dead, find the enemy with the key and loot his body.

Move into the cave system. You can use the darkness to your advantage here if you want to do a stealth run, but you can also run and gun if that's more your style. Make your way through the cave system and kill everyone you see.

When you reach the room with Liza, it turns out that it was just a projector. Move into the next room, ignoring the tiger, and then you'll be attacked.
Prison Break In
Prison Break In

Following the cut-scenes, move forward. Wait for the water to put out the fire, and then round the corner. Shoot the valve to release water and put out the next fire. An explosion will blow the door open, so go through and then climb the ladder.

Walk across the planks. Click on the right analog stick to swing your knife and smash through the slightly destroyed blue door. Move through, and then tilt the left analog stick in the indicated direction to move through the small space and avoid the fire.

Now move up the piece of cement leading to the next door. It will give way, but Jason will pull himself up. Push through to the next room, and then climb up the ledge. Shimmy along the side, and then move over to the next ledge to climb, with the vines slightly hanging down.

You will finally reach Liza. Watch the scenes.

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