Father's Burden

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - Father's Burden

Speak to the disgruntled father in Thurston Town. He will tell you of his plight. Next go speak with the gambler. The gambler reveals he lost the necklace the father is looking for in a game of poker. Go to the bar and start up a poker game.

Father's Burden
Father's Burden

This will be the longest part of the mission. There are three privateers that you are playing poker with. Your goal is to get them all to bust out by losing all their money. The buy-in is $500, so you have to have at least $500 to play poker.

The game of poker is played just as it is in real life. To check the remaining cash of your opponents, just press LB. Keep playing until they all lose, and then you will leave with the money for the gambler. Return to him and hand over his $300 to get the necklace.

From there, go to the drunk privateer outside of town. Kill him quickly. His friends will show up and attack if you don't drag his body to the other side of the building, but they aren't much of a threat. Loot his body.

Next there is a third privateer to deal with, a little bit farther out of town. He has three guards around him as well as guard dogs. A grenade tossed at their feet can kill all of them, but a chain assassination works just as well. Loot the body, the return to the father.

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