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Three Blind Mice

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - Three Blind Mice

As Willis flies over the southern islands, Jason has the opportunity to jump out with a wingsuit. The wingsuit controls similarly to the glider, except to deploy the wingsuit properly, you must click in on the left analog stick when prompted by the game.

Three Blind Mice
Three Blind Mice

Fly the wingsuit near the objective marker, a small beach on the southern island. When ready, press A to deploy your parachute and land on the beach. Work your way across the beach to about five pirates.

They will have a truck as well as a caged tiger. From the safety of grass, free the tiger by shooting the door off its cage. The tiger will then run out and kill most of the pirates. Kill the tiger, any remaining pirates, and then steal their truck.

Drive the truck to the next town. Go to the bar and speak with the bartender. He will tell you about a secret poker game downstairs where you may just find the "Sam" Willis was telling you about, that could help you fight off Hoyt.

Speak with the privateer. Jason will buy his way into the game, then go downstairs and join them at the table. You have to play a hand of poker, but you don't have to win the hand or anything. When the hand is done, Sam will leave the room.

Follow Sam outside. He will pull a gun on Jason, but relaxes once Jason mentions Willis's name. Sam then disappears around the corner.


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