Fly South Killing Hoyt

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - Fly South Killing Hoyt

Next on the agenda? Kill Hoyt. However, Hoyt is located in the southern islands, and the only way to reach them safely is by using a plane. Jason figures Willis can help and gives him a call.

As luck would have it, Willis is about to leave the island himself, and is flying right over the southern islands on his way to Singapore to upgrade to a commercial airliner he will then take to Russia. Fast-travel to Amanaki Town to get the ball rolling on this, then hop in a vehicle.
Fly South
Fly South

Willis is leaving in five minutes, with or without Jason. Check your map constantly to check the location of the plane so you don't take any wrong turns. When you arrive, you'll find pirates are attacking. Kill them, but you won't be able to stop from them from damaging the plane.

Willis immediately gets to work on fixing the plane. A meter appears at the top of the screen that shows his progress on getting the plane repaired. In the meantime, pirates will continue to attack in waves.

The first wave of pirates comes from the front. Get on the turret and blast them away. Then they will come from your right, so kill them. A truck will come from behind, but a well-placed grenade should take out most of the pirates in the third wave, though even more will continue to show up.

Do your best to fight them off, wave by wave. When the plane is done, even more pirates will show up, including multiple heavies from all directions. Kill the heavies coming in from the right and behind first, as well as the pirates (there will be a pirate in the window of a hut right next to the plane as well, don't miss him!)

When they're dead, turn your attention to the heavies that are walking in front of the turret. The reason you should focus on the other ones first is that the ones in front of the turret will take a lot longer to reach you, and the turret can easily kill them. Do just that.

With the area clear of pirates, Willis hops in the plane. Join him.

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