Shotgun Hunt Rabid Dogs

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough - Hunting Rabid Dogs

One of the first Path of the Hunter missions will come in the form of a hunt for rabid dogs. First drive to the gear drop location. There you will find a pump-action shotgun. If you want to hold on to the weapon you already have, you will want to craft new weapon holsters by using goat skin.
Rabid Dogs Hunt
Rabid Dogs Hunt

Upon acquiring the shotgun, tap X to reload. Then pick up the remaining shells on the crate and then take the dirt road on the left. Hug the hill on the right until you find a slope going up so that you can get on top of the hill. Check your map for the location of the rabid dogs and move there.

There will be five dogs in a pack. They will attack you from all sides, and only flee when there are one or two remaining. Don't aim down the sights to kill these guys. Let them get close, then blind fire from the hip for the best spread and best chance to take them out. It's possible to take out multiple dogs with one shot if they are close together enough.

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