Hostage Rescue Predator's Path

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Walkthrough - Hostage Rescue Predator's Path

These are the two kinds of side-missions in the game. They'll be unlocked once you liberate a garrison. Hostage-Rescue will require you to do exactly what it says - you need to rescue a scientist who is usually guarded by 4-6 guards. If the guards spot you then they will execute the scientist so if they do spot you then you better kill everyone fast or just go about killing in stealth. Remember to talk to the scientist after you kill everyone to unlock an attachment.

Predator's path will require you to use a certain weapon which you'll get to kill a certain Unique Enemy. Unlike the last time, the enemies even have Cyber-Soldiers in them apart from the usualy animals. Try to use only that weapon to do all the killings. You can distract enemies by throwing dice so keep using the Dice to move them to points where you can get them easily.

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