Liberating Outposts

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Walkthrough - Liberating Outposts

There are several ways you can go about liberating outposts. The first is to blow up generators which power the Mega-Shields. The generators are outside the garrison and you can use a C4 or 2 grenades to blow them up. You can also lower the shields if you press a button inside the garrisons - you can find them if you follow this walkthrough's Liberating Garrisons missions.

After the shields are lowered, a Blood Dragon comes in and kills everyone for you - this will always happen. But there are two disadvantages. One is that you will not get any CP since the dragon is doing all the killing and also you will have to chase the dragon out of the garrison ater everyone is killed. If you are prepared to kill the dragon after it kills everyone then you'll get 5000CP anyway so that's covered. But if you want to chase the dragon then you can simply throw Cyber-Hearts taking it outside the garrison. Or you can anger it and run outside and it will follow you.

You can also kill the enemies while the dragon is killing too to gain a little extra Xp.

If you don't want the dragon to do your work, then simple infiltrate the Garrisons and switch off the Alarms first then proceed to kill everyone stealthly or go berserk - your wish.

After a Garrison is liberated, you may unlock one or two side-missions and the sales vending-machine and the garrison itself will become a quick-travel point.

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