You Got Time to Duck Objective Two

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Walkthrough You Got Time to Duck?

Objective Two : Eliminate all Cyber-Soldiers

So if you have been spotted then the alarm goes off and a flurry of Cyborgs come to kill you. But just stay behind cover and head-shoot them. Some even climb up on the turrets on the vehicles ahead - you can also mount the turret if you wish to but you'll be open to fire from all sides. There's a sniper past the second vehicle ahead. And, cyborgs keep coming from all directions. Just keep killing them until you can see no more. Then move on the left road into a building where you see some stairs lead up .

You Got Time to Duck?

Go on top and take the zipline here to the nex building. You will see a couple of enemies below you - you can dispose of them in any way you wish and then use the zipline to get in front and then into the bunker.

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