You got time to Duck

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Walkthrough You Got Time to Duck?

Objective: Attack the Base

As your copter whirls around the base - kill as many enemies as you can using the gatling gun you have... After you land, a nice little tutorial starts up.. "Military Navigation for Idiots" It's just the Basic tutorial in which you have to demonstrate your ability to read and push different buttons for different things to happen. After that, move ahead, you should be able to see a diamond shaped pointer on your HUD-map. Go straight up and jump across the gap to reach the pointer which is on the other side -

You Got Time to Duck?

Move a bit to the right and crouch and go thru the small cave coming behind an enemy whom you need to stealth kill with "F". Then use your cyber-eye to mark the other enemies ahead. There should be a total of four guys - one close-by and the other three together a bit further ahead. Now, you can start Pilfering the dead cyborgs by hitting "E" - this will earn you CYBER-HEARTS which give you money in-turn. Anyway, take a few steps ahead and throw dice with "T" to the left near the small fire and the guard walks up to it. Stealth kill him and move ahead sticking to the left wall. The next group of people can be taken down with a chain-takedown. After killing the first guy just press the direction button of the direction the next guy is in or better, while killing move your cam to see the nexft guy straight ahead and keep hitting "W". Ahead, you need to climb the rubble to get to the next area and you will receive a flurry of tutorials. You'll also see the entrance straight ahead.

You Got Time to Duck?

Now it's your choice how you are going to go about the mission - the best way to do it is to stealth kill as many as you can because you get the most number of points this way - 300 per stealth kill. If you do get into a fire-fight then you ought to do a lot of headshots which give you 200 points per kill. Anyway, move ahead and kill the guy and be ready hit the left click to kill the guy who is a few steps ahead with the "Shuriken-Takedown".

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