COD MW3 55Plus Prestige Glitch

COD MW3 55 Plus Prestige Glitch 

This is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Glitch.

MW3 Glitch


1.Xbox live account with level 55 or higher
2.split-screen account with level 80 - use modified mp if you do not have this


1. Prime the SLE.
2. Go to system-link, then go to barracks and go to prestige mode.
3. On the last pop-up message, there are three in total, sign in to an account with the second controller.
4. Press back with the first controller and accept the prestige.

This works exactly how the old 55+ prestige glitch worked. You can not go to 21st prestige with this, since it will loop back to 20th. Also, if you try to do this at 20th prestige level 1, it will de-rank you to 19th prestige, level 1

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Anonymous said...

awesome glitch just started playing MW3 and already on 55 level.

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