The Last Of Us Chapter Three Glitch

The Last Of Us Chapter Three Glitch

In the 3rd chapter of The Last of Us Game there is a glitch. In the beginning of the chapter there is a ladder you have to climb up to get to the surface. A mini cut scene will then play. During this cut scene Joel will propelled up mid air, while the others will just climbed over him. After it end the whole environment immediately vanish. It will look like you are walking in the sky.

The Last Of Us Glitch


xboxboy said...

i stopped playing The Last Of Us because of glitches, the Naughty Dog developers should do something about it, otherwise it's a great game.

Anonymous said...

I'm about 65% through and haven't encountered any glitches yet.....but I heard this from a few people

Anonymous said...

so this is what happened, me and my friend bought the game from same game store,i am able to run the game smooth, but my friend told me that he is facing some problems.

Chang Ming said...

ok guys, i don't know about you but i personally encounter the glitch in chapter three and few other's in after chapters of the last of i guess this will be some kind of technical fault or something.

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