Battlefield 3 Invisible Jet Glitch

Battlefield 3 Invisible Jet Glitch

There is a glitch in battlefield 3, the glitch is Battlefield 3 Invisible Jet.I recently played the video game with my friends and found out the bug while i was flying the Jet in a third person view.

Whenever i tried to switch from third person to first person cockpit view the jet middle body that include the canopy and the engine's kept disappearing.

Battlefield 3 Invisible Jet Glitch

I re-spawn with a helicopter just to see whether the glitch happened with it too, but i was surprised it didn't happened.This is some kind of graphics bug in battlefield 3 or maybe the server i was playing on have some technical problems.

Well it was fun watching the jet disappeared, not completely but partially in BF3, though your enemy's can see your jet wings, so don't go out playing in BF3 assuming you are totally invisible in the video game while you are flying the Jet.

Here is a walkthrough of Battlefield 3 Invisible Jet Glitch.

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Anonymous said...

it's a graphical bug in battlefield 3, happened to me while playing it.

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