Battlefield 3 Noshahr Canals Glitch

Battlefield 3 Noshahr Canal Glitch

There is a glitch in Battlefield 3, the glitch is in BF3 Noshahr Canals Map. You can drive a vehicle in the water. Remember it not a boat it is a vehicle which you can drive on land. But using this BF3 Bug you can drive the vehicle in the water.

In order to achieve this glitch you will need to place the vehicle on a exact spot and then drive it in reverse into the water. You can do this glitch with your teammate who his playing with you.

Battlefield 3 Noshahr Canal Glitch

We did the glitch on a Battlefield 3 Hardcore server.You cannot shot anyone from the vehicle once you are in the water but you can have fun teasing your enemies and making advantage of this glitch

Here is a walkthrough of the Battlefield 3 Noshahr Canal Glitch.


Anonymous said...

i did this battlefield 3 glitch today with my friend but not on a hardcore server, worked, great sharing.

gamer said...

there are one or two other glitches in bf3 noshahr canals map, can you post on them.

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