Battlefield 3 Metro SkyWalker Glitch

Battlefield 3 Metro Sky-walker Glitch

There is a glitch in Battlefield 3, the glitch is in Operation Metro Map. You can go out of the map and sky walk in the air.

The glitch require you to have with a team member which support you and do it with you.You both can help each other to get out of the Metro Map.This bug is more advantageous if you are playing on hardcore Battlefield 3 server.

Battlefield 3 Metro Glitch

Be sure to use a sniper while performing this glitch it will be really destructive to find a good sniping position above the enemies or other players and shoot them without them having a clue for sometime who the hell is shooting them its funny though.

Here is a walkthrough of Battlefield 3 Metro Skywalker Glitch.


Anonymous said...

can i manage to do this glitch without any other player.i want to try it now.

Chang Ming said...

you need to be with someone in order to this bf3 glitch work.

Shayne Thomas said...

are there any current ways to get up on the ceiling in metro on Playstation 3 and if so can you upload a video? This looks like it's for PC. Thanks

Chang Ming said...

yup i performed the glitch on pc, my friends used ps3 and xbox 360 and they confirmed that it is working fine at that time, maybe it is patched up by the developers. i will look and if there is any other way to do it than will write about it.

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