Payday 2 Invisible and Dancing Glitch

Payday 2 Invisible and Dancing Glitch

There is a glitch in Payday 2 Video Game, the glitch / bug is Invisibility in Payday 2.
I was playing the video game yesterday and i came across a bug the man was dead and stuck in a door. I just don't stop laughing to see that it was hilarious.

The Second glitch happened when i was playing Payday 2 with my friends. We were little stuck you know the drill take some time and few restarts to open the gate while using it in any heist and the police raid began. We kept on fighting and i got in a spot where the cops can't see me it was hilarious my friends just kept knocked down by cops again and again but they couldn't spotted me and just kept dancing.

Payday 2 Glitch

These were the two glitches and bugs i came across while playing Payday 2, i hope there are more and will add them as soon as i find them.

Here is a walkthrough of Payday 2 Invisible and Dancing Glitch.

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