GTA V NPC Duplicate Glitch

GTA V NPC Duplicate Glitch

There is a glitch in GTA V, the glitch is Non Player Character Duplicate. It is considered as one of the funniest Grand Theft Auto V Glitches to be found in the video game.

You Often Notice When You Log Out of Grand Theft Auto V, you are represented by a non player character (NPC) for a short period of time.

Now there is nothing interesting in that, but wait till we tell you what really is funny about it.


Just Log in back quickly after you log out from GTA V, and you will find the NPC where you logged out, you can repeat the glitch multiple times to duplicate the NPC infinite number of times.

Now imagine if they all started fighting with each other, just an idea.LOL

Enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto V, one of the best video games released after some time.

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