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Battlefield 4 Review

Battlefield 4 Video Game Review

If players agree on anything, it is the much-awaited release of Battlefield 4, DICE’s answer to the ever-growing need for better-defined graphics, unmatched destruction and lots more.

Although the Battlefield 4 experience is far from revolutionary as game players admit, notable changes are relatively impressive. With destruction as the main theme, players can destroy buildings that cover the enemy, carry adrenaline-packed combat, and conquer water, air and terrain in a more interactive environment. With better graphics, the effect is virtually more realistic.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

A Battlefield 4 gameplay is best experienced both online and offline. And a Battlefield 4 multiplayer setting seals the deal that sets this blockbuster game from its predecessor, allowing unprecedentedly complex combat in diverse maps. Players can also scramble jet fighters, boats and bikes to get hold of the much-coveted weapon unlock, the XP, to move up among the ranks.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

To sum up, the new multiplayer mode offers faster and aggressive scenes, although mass destruction isn’t the name of the game here.

On the other hand, better single-player campaigns prove equally engaging, with squad mate characters Pac and Irish having more remarkable personalities.


The best maps perhaps can be seen in Paracel Storm, where characters engaged in a naval battle navigate in rough seas dotted with numerous islands. Here, a tropical storm slowly intensifies throughout the ordeal, and creatively using whatever you have -- from boats to swimming skills -- could win you the match.

Battlefield 4 Maps

Another map worth telling is the Golmund Railway, featuring a hillside scene where buildings and villages spring to view, and a long railway snakes its way at the center. But the train is where the character controls and loads the mounted guns to defend it.

Entering into Battlefield 4 gameplay map Siege of Shanghai, players find themselves in an elevator that carries them up to a mountaintop prison, a heavily defended structure installed with doors that close to force pursuers to look for a different way in.

“Levolutionary” Levolution

Now DICE introduces Levolution, a never-before-seen feature that brings the players into a whole new setting when a certain catastrophic event is unleashed. One interesting example is the Flood Zone, an urban environment complete with buildings, streets, and parks. But break a levee and the entire landscape is flooded, and the rising water changes the entire scene, even the tools for survival are now completely flipped to include boats and protruding buildings.

Battlefield 4 Levolution

Whether or not Levolution captures the players’ interest remains to be seen. Some game players prefer the original scene unchanged, while others want big transformations. Critics also see this feature as just another non-essential gimmick. But whatever the outcome is, Levolution indeed portrays DICE’s ever-widening range of imagination.

A Few Cons

Players observed rare crashes particularly in old PC systems, while others complain about having the maps too large for Xbox and PS3. Also, one notable setback is that the campaign mode provides relatively few opportunities for the players to innovate. However, overall improvements still outweigh the disappointments.

Playing Battlefield 4

As critics point out, Battlefield 4 experience varies depending on the game console.
Battlefield 4 is, of course, incomparable. Here, players enjoy better resolution, while that of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are limited to 720p and 900p, respectively. Also, frame rates are lower with Xbox 4, at only 30 frames per second. So, if players want to reap DICE’s promises of much hyped Battlefield 4 gameplay, the PC is always the best choice. 

Battlefield 4 Gameplay

Sure, PC users may enjoy the high specs and full graphics, but we can’t play down what PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have to offer.

Let us put it this way, play on a PC and you’ll never have to ask for something less. But playing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One isn’t all that bad. It simply takes some getting used to. 


Battlefield 4 did not meet the rather radical expectation of revolutionizing DICE’s older releases, particularly Battlefield 3. But the improvements are undeniably remarkable. Single player campaigns are leveled up, but multiplayer ones give Battlefield 4 the winning streak.

Maps are well-thought-of, with much more added effects, only that the introduction of Levolution is a bit polarizing, with devotees claiming its engaging effect, while others complain of it as another set of bells and whistles DICE can just do away without.

Overall, Battlefield 4 is worth the upgrade, whether one uses a PC, Xbox One, or Playstation 4. Who knows, maybe Battlefield 5 brings in an entirely revolutionary interface. Hologram maps, perhaps?


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