Pokemon Go Gotta Catch 'em all Review

Pokemon and its name been around since 90's. The words i.e. pokeball and pikachu can refresh your memory if you are a 90's kid.

Pokemon Go Obsession Goes World Wide

But one thing is for sure pokemon go obsession isn't going away anytime soon. I visited central park yesterday and wow just the number of people their came to catch imaginary creatures was ridiculous.

Pokemon Go Central Park
Pokemon Go Players Gathered in Central Park to Catch Imaginary Creatures

How to Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a simple game to say the least. There are no official walkthroughs or guides which will get you started. Just install 'Pokemon Go' on your android or iphone, go outside and search near green leaves that appear on your GPS in the game, to catch imaginary fluffy cartoon like creatures.
Pokemon Go Leaves
Pokemon Go Map showing the location of Pokemon using Leaves

Once you discover a pokemon, it will appear on the map, just throw your pokeball and catch it.

All the pokemon go creatures you acquire in the game, you can train them, do battles at gym's and take over them, simple recipe to become pokemon master.
Pokemon Go Pokestops
PokeStops are represented by Blue Markers in Pokemon Go

Poke Stops are your new Bus Stops

There is also a concept of Poke Stops in the game. These are usually landmarks and important buildings in real world. In Pokemon Go they will appear as blue markers on the map. Once you find them and near just tap, swipe and get the goodies.

Plenty of item's are already in the game i.e. Pokeballs, eggs, razz berries, lucky eggs and more. you can either acquire them via pokestops or buy them in pokemon gousing Poke Coins.

The most important thing in the game is Poke Balls. Initially you start with 10 and every time you level up in pokemon go you get 15. you can also get them from Poke Stops. Be sure to get them while you can, because without them you can't catch pokemons.

That's about it for now, there are other stuff n Pokemon Go, but we will discuss it in detail some other time. Don't hesitate to leave feedback and comments and let us know what you think about Pokemon Go.

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