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Pokemon Go Secrets & Tricks You Need to Know

Pokemon go is taking the world by storm. And if you don't know the secrets of the game, you will be left behind than your fellow pokemon go friends and social circles. But don't worry because we will teach you everything that is trending in the pokemon world right now.
Pokemon GO

Rustling Grass is Bad

Playing Pokemon Go look for rustling grass, it is your best indication that some pokemon's are nearby and you can catch them. In original series of pokemon games if you ever go into long grass you will most likely to be attacked by Rattata.

PokeStops: Find Interesting and Popular Areas

PokeStops Popular Areas in City

The best tip to look for pokestops is to visit popular landmarks and areas of the city. For example Eiffel Tower in France can be your best bet or what about Taj Mahal in India. The key is to find those pokestops and acquire free goodies.

Name Your Pokemon

Name Your Pokemon Go Character

Naming your Pokemon is the most interesting features everyone like in Pokemon Games. Pokemon Go bring this original features into the game and you can use it to name your pokemon whatever you wish.

Take Advantage of Duplicate Pokemons

Pokemon Go Character Collection

If you have more than one pokemon of same type, there is no point of just collecting and storing them. To level up faster learn the skill of Trade-ins and take advantage of it. Professor Willow is always interested in them.

Know Your Pokemons Better

Pokemon Strength and Weakness

Make sure to keep pokemons with higher CP scores, these are pokemon's strengths and give them ability to fight and play their opponents better. Use candies to boost your Pokemon CP Score if you need it.

Catch Pokemon as Pokemon Master

Pokemon Go is a augmented reality game, but actually while AR is turned off, you can catch a pokemon better and faster. Just hit the AR switch as soon as you find any pokemon and presented with a pokeball to catch them. This will create a computer generated background and you can catch any pokemon the same way you catch when AR is turned on.

The Ring all that Matters

rare pokemon

When catching any pokemon you have seen aiming reticulate with white circle and a color'ed ring inside (green, orange and red).

The colors indicate the difficulty and rareness of any pokemon to catch.

Green mean you can catch the pokemon easily and it is a common pokemon.
Orange means the pokemon is somewhat rare and it is difficult to catch.
Red means Pokemon is very rare and very difficult to catch.

Hint: Easy way to catch these pokemon's is to hold the pokeball and wait for the ring to get its smallest size then fling the Pokeball.

Become a Curve Ball throwing Master

If you want to catch rare pokemon often, then you must learn the skill of throwing curve ball. To learn the skill follow these steps:

1. Hold your fingers down on the screen where your pokeball is.
2. Create a circular motion with your fingers, pokeball will start emitting sparkles.
3. Now throw the ball in the opposite direction, from the direction it is spinning.

Curve ball in Pokemon Go gives you additional XP whenever you use it in the game.

Create Your Own Pokemon Go Team

Pokemon Go Team

When you are in level five of Pokemon Go, Enter a Pokemon Gym, the game will ask you to pick a team.

Pokemon Go will ask you to select one option from below:

1. Yellow Team Instinct.
2. Red Team Valour.
3. Blue Team Mystic.

There are not much difference in three of them, but before making a choice, be sure either you want to be on your friends teams or want to join a opposing one for some competition.

Footprints in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Footprints

In the initial build of Pokemon Go, Each nearby pokemon distance are shown by meter metric in your surrounding areas. But the final live release ditched the idea in favour of footprints also known as Poke Paw prints.

1. One Paw Print: Pokemon is very close to your current location.
2. Two Paw Prints: Pokemon is little far away from your current location.
3. Three Paw Prints: Pokemon is far away from your current location.

These all options don't tell you the direction you should be heading, so if you see a rare pokemon showing three paw prints, get ready pack your trekking bag and search for it for days.

Fast Level Up in Pokemon Go is Easy

Lucky Egg Level Up Secret

Once you reach level nine of Pokemon Go, you will get a lucky egg. The lucky egg in pokemon go can help you to reach higher levels of the game very easily. Just follow the below steps.

1. First get as many Pidgeys as you can, and keep the in your pocket.
2. Once you have enough of them, evolve them under the influence of lucky egg. that will give you bigger XP points.

Incense and Lures are better than Pokeballs.

Don't waster your Pikachu gold on Pokeballs, you can get pokeballs from pokestops for free, instead use your gold to buy incense and lures. Incense attract wild pokemons towards you and lure module attract them toward pokestops.

Petals are Important

Pokemon Go Petals

Keep an eye on Pokestops with pink petals. This indicate someone else has activated lure module on the pokestop and for the next 30 minutes, every kind of pokemon will be attracted toward there, hurry up and go there, catch them all.

Pikachu Gold

Pikachu Gold Pokecoins

Pikachu Gold is hard to come-by free in Pokemon Go. Players mostly have to spend real life cash to buy this in-game currency. But if you don't want to spend too much cash to get pokemon go pikachu gold, follow the below steps.

1. Go to any nearby Pokemon Gym.
2. Battle a fellow trainer or the team players, and gain a victory.
3. Every win give you some pikachu gold.
4. Try to defeat every player in the gym and take it over, once you do that, you will start earning pikachu gold as long as you are in hold og the gym, try not to lose it.

Keep Pokemon Go Open to Hatch an Egg

In order to Hatch an Pokemon Egg you acquire you need to walk a certain number of miles, while the app is still open in your smartphone, be aware it will not work, if you put the game in background mode.

Catch Pikachu as your Starter Pokemon

Pokemon Go give three option for starter pokemon go, when you start playing the game. Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasur. But if you want to get pikachu as your starter pokemon, there is a little workaround to get it.

1. When the game initially ask you to select any one of the pokemon don't tap.
2. Walk away from them, and after little time your smart-phone will vibrate, and it will ask again, keep walking away.
3. After three or five time, you will suddenly get an option to select Pikachu as your starter pokemon.

These are it for now, i will write some more pokemon go secrets and tips when i find them, until enjoy playing pokemon go.


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