Battlefield 1 Modern Classic WW1 Video Game Review

Ever since the introduction of the series, Battlefield tried to distinguish itself from the competitive similar games. The developers were trying to offer something that would attract gamers and would still be different and unique. Battlefield 1 took the gamers back in time to the field of World War 1 enabling them to enjoy a game that is amazingly special and unique in nature and proving that sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

A move away from military shooting:

Battlefield 1 takes a gamer away from the adventures of a single player’s quest and missions to indulging into the magical world of WW1 that involves the heroic stories of various men and women who engaged in battles when wars actually required skills. The stories are unconnected and the storylines are different in nature. The characters are also driven by different motivations. Some are into the fight for glory; some are looking for redemption while others are simply trying to survive. The heroism of characters is contextualized and highlighted with respect to the storyline. The storylines are played in a nonlinear order and you get to enjoy the game through different perspectives of the characters involved.

battlefield 1 gameplay

Battlefield 1 offers an experience different from modern shooting games:

Battlefield 1 doesn’t ignore the great human value that was paid during WW1 by not ignoring the people who fought. There is a continuous grim reminder of the human sacrifices and prices paid by people who took part in the conflict. The screams of a burning man are heard at the beginning of every multiplayer game. The conflict map is so big that involves several countries and continents in the world. Battlefield 1 shows the world at the time of WW1 as it goes through a technological change while not forgetting the human element involved in conflict.

Battlefield 1 training mode offers a unique experience:

Apart from the heartfelt storylines, the training mode allows players to practice a lot of the game aspects in a mood that will allow them to train before they get involved in missions. It allows players to learn how to engage in successful combat and how to survive against the face of multiple enemies.

Battlefield 1 will take players to new levels:

Instead of being restricted to one area in combat, one fight can take up to an hour and will be moved up to 5 areas. The continuous changes in the environment will keep the battle interesting and will involve the use of different weapons that will keep players engaged till the very last minute.

The different modes will involve interesting maps, each with its own unique characteristics. From ruins to mysterious mazes, the player will spend some time in order to know his whereabouts in every terrain. Players will also meet locals who have their own characters.

The storylines will push people to play out of their comfort zones by playing in different maps. You can find the best camping spot or the best place to practice your training before you move to the big fights.

Battlefield 1 proved that WW1 is worth revisiting:

Apart from its single shooter counterparts, Battlefield 1 proved that the WW1 is valuable as a time period that is yet to be re-visited and explored. It sheds light on countries and nations that don’t exist anymore and shows how deeply this war has changed the face of the world. The different game modes offer players the chance to experience the war in different scenarios and storylines. It is an introduction to one of the deadliest events in history and shows the human side to this Great War together with amazing graphics and details that make it unique.

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