Company Of Heroes 2 Graphics Glitch

Company Of Heroes 2 Graphics Glitch

If you encounter a graphics glitch in Company of heroes 2 than don't get confused you are not the only one that encounter it. Many GPU's including Nvidia and Ati user's complained about it.

Company Of Heroes 2 Glitch

Here is a solution to fix graphics glitch in Company of heroes 2.

1. Check that Your Video Card drivers are up-to-date.
2. Check that you have both the latest version of Directx and Directx 9 installed.
3. Check that your Video Card is not over-heating.if so it will look like this when you are playing the game.

Company Of Heroes 2 Graphics Glitch

4. Adjust graphics setting inside the game and check it's effects on gameplay and problem.
5. Run the Game COH 2 in different compatibility settings and run as administrator.
6. If nothing works for you the hard solution is to completely remove the game from your system including registry can use some free application un-installer for this job.install everything in your system that is mentioned from 1-5 and than install the game in your primary drive that in most cases is C:/ .


Anonymous said...

when i start company of heroes 2. the game opens and i can hear the music and sounds but not the video.Can you help me with that?

Chang Ming said...

the problem will be with your video card.check that you have both your video cards drivers and directx latest updates, microsoft components needed for the game installed.

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